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=================== ABOUT C3PO ========================
=== This Brand New Version now works for patch 1.11!
=== C3PO is the interface to R2D2 which allows you
=== to control its features. C3PO allows you to
=== manage mapping features and functions including
=== complete monster information in a highly
=== configurable display that is easy to work with.
=== Mapping features/functions based on Mousepad's
=== Maphack Program.

======================= FEATURES ======================
=== C3PO, the latest advance in Diablo II Utilities
=== is the front end for many functions of R2D2.
======= NOTES CONCERNING v1.11 =========

- Hey Guys. After a tiresome night of reverse
engineering the program over again, I finally
came up with a simple beta version that works.
- This does NOT have the full features as the
1.10 version did, but I am working on it.
- Took a new screen shot with the working
maphack in 1.11 Arcane.
- Does NOT have monsters yet so don't
come complaining to me about dying.
- I will rewrite below later when I am finished
making the full featured maphack.

=== Load Manager
- Have multiple configurations for all valid
cdkeys [requires cdkey.mpq files with D2Loader]
- Launch D2 directly from C3PO with R2D2 loaded
or unloaded.
- Load and unload R2D2 on the fly to multiple
- Instantly update any configuration changes.

=== Mapping Features
- Full Visuals, Light Radius, Panning, Monsters
Chests, missles, Center Map and Vector Display
[N-next level, Q-Quest Area, W-Waypoint]

=== Additional Mapping Functions
- Hide Ground Items, Socket Protect, Suppress
NPC Text, View Equipment, One Key Exit Game,
Item Level, Date & Time, Server IP and Don't
Minimize the D2 Window.

=== Monster Identification
- Monster Level, Velocity, Defence, Hit Class,
Damage/Magic/Lightning/Cold/Fire/Poison Resist.

=== Fully Configurable
- Edit the colour of each unit blob, all Monster
and Other Indicators with a simple to use
advanced colour picker.
- Identify items either by a group colour, or
set each item class seperately. Keeps an
updated list of changes for fast access.

=== Anti-Detection
- Logs tx65 occuring - safe from this scan.
- Logs and quit before tx64.
- Logs and quit before extrawork dll load.
** Does not ignore or block any detection
actions that Blizz may use so that it will
not look suspicious. It simply unloads.
So this maphack is completely

=== Change Protection
- If C3PO crashes without the opportunity to
save changes, you can sync the open D2 window
with C3PO upon restart and it will apply the
changes you made. You can then save them.

================ WARNING ==============================
=== ===
=== Dan_Goon and Diabloworld will not be held ===
=== responsible to any actions taken by Blizzard ===
=== to those using this program. You run it at your ===
=== own risk and you absolve responsibility of ===
=== Dan_Goon and Diabloworld for anything that may ===
=== happen to your account[s], item[s] and cdkey[s] ===
It is a great new MapHack it blows mousepads away!
no this isnt a scam im no scammer nor is it a trojan ok thx and have fun